Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ahh, I'm finally finished thrifting plates! We officially have 100 plates so far. We invited 112 people, but I'm really only expecting about 80. I think I missed taking photos of a few, but most of the plates are documented on flickr.

Here are a few:


backyardwedding said...

If you are interested in selling some of your plates after your wedding, let me know! I still need a bunch more.

Sanam said...

Hello! I love your plate idea. It is such an original and different thing to do. Just out of curiosity how hard was it to find the plates and how much did you pay for each plate. I am inspired to do the same thing for our wedding next year and trying to figure out if it is worth going through the trouble or if it is cheaper to let the caterers handle it.
Thanks and good luck with the wedding. My fiancé and I met at Big Sur and thought about having our wedding there, but it would have been too expensive. Instead we are getting married at a friends' house in Solana Beach. :)
Happy wedding!

Liana said...

Hi Sanam -
I paid about $1 each for the plates (some cheaper if there were sales). Our caterer was going to charge us $1 to rent plates anyway, so it was awash. I figure it's worth it to me, because I really love the vintage plates AND I get to keep some of them when it's over!
- Liana

Jenny Grobelski said...

i really, really love this idea. totally random and about a year late - but do you still have any of those plates and want to get them off your hands? i need about 400 for my wedding - eek!

thanks so much, jenny